Useful Links

here’s a guide to the most useful sites for World of Warcraft out there. Unlike most pages on this site, this has comments enabled – if you have any other suggested links, please leave a comment!


WoWHead – a much newer database, not quite so comprehensive, but a very fast and slick interface.
Allakhazam – a bit slow, but reliable comments. Particularly good for mob and quest info.
Thottbot – faster than Allakhazam, but the comments are full of mindless dross. Particularly good for tradeskill info.


WoWBreak – like Digg, but for WoW. A collection of hot links about WoW news, rated by the audience.
Bluetracker – a very useful aggregator of Blue Posts (ie official Blizzard rep posts) from the Blizzard forums. Includes an RSS feed, and archives of old posts.

WoWWiki – a big editable collection of news and information about WoW. It’s not usually the place for the hottest, burningest information, but it’s great for seeing the overall picture once dribs and drabs have been release. Also the place to go for info about Warcraft lore.

Goblin Workshop
WoW Guru
World of Raids
These four have a selection of WoW news and item databases; generally they’re less useful for the databases than the news. Not much sets them apart; anything that pops up on one usually gets echoed (or at least linked) by the others within four to six hours anyway. It’s pretty much a matter of personal preference; I find Goblin Workshop to be the least useful and World of Raids to be the most useful, but your mileage may vary.


GameAmp Maps
World of War Cartography
Two fairly generic map sites, both nice and usable.

MapWoW – this one’s really cool. It uses the GoogleMaps API to generate interactive maps of Azeroth, so you can zoom in/out and navigate just like with Google Maps. Better yet, you can select a harvestable resource – say, ‘all herbs’ or ‘mithril ore’ or whatever – and it will show you known node locations all over the map.


WoW-Loot – an excellent guide to gearing your character, for levelling and endgame, PvP or PvE. There’s guides for each class, for specific types of gear – ‘PvP damage gear’ or ‘Fire Resistance gear’, for instance. Each guide shows you a selection of recommended alternatives, and where you can get them. Highly recommended.
Left Overs – a lot of good PvE strategies, including the strats we’ve been using for our endgame raiding.
Petopia – a hunter guide to tamable animals.
Felwood Gathering – where to find the corrupted ‘buff plants’ in Felwood.


WoW Interface
I prefer WoWInterface to the other two, as it’s less likely to have nasty malware floating about, and it organises its downloads nicely – but the other two databases are much larger and have pretty much everything between them.

if the addon you want is an ACE mod, chances are you can find it here.


The Armory – the official Blizzard data site.
CTprofiles – a good character-profiling site, allowing you to enter gear, talent specs, etc. Southern Wardens guild entry: here. Note: has not been updated for TBC.
RPGOutfitter – much more detail for personal character info; it can automatically scan and save your character’s tradeskill recipes, quests, faction standings and more.
WarcraftRealms – a census data site showing character guild histories and more. (May be a lot less useful since the advent of paid server transfers.)

DISCUSSION FORUMS – community and discussion forums for PvP Battlegroup 9 (to which Proudmoore belongs).
Fires of Heaven Guild – a big endgame raiding guild whose forums have become a discussion area for endgame WoW raiding, not just for their guild.
WoW LiveJournal Community – general WoW discussion community for LiveJournal members.