Raiding Tools

Required Addons

All raiders are required to have the following AddOns installed:

  • KLHThreatMeter – allows you to make sure you’re not going to pull agro from a tank (or to monitor your agro generation if you are a tank)

Recommended Addons

These AddOns are highly recommended:

  • WhisperCast – for those with targetable buffs/decursing etc
  • CT_RaidAssist – a general package of raid mods, including raid frames, communication tools, boss mods, etc
  • SWStats – for tracking damage, healing, decursing, etc
  • ItemRack – set up and switch gear sets quickly
  • EnergyWatch2 – shows a ‘tick’ bar that’s very helpful in getting the best out of your tick-based damage abilities
  • Natur Enemy Castbars – for monitoring mob casting and spell durations

Other Useful Programs

Not addons, but useful nonetheless.

  • Teamspeak – VoIP chat while playing. Our major communication tool in raids and instances. (See the forums for details on how to set it up.)