How to Use the Raid Site

Southern Wardens uses a customised raid signup site, developed by our own talented Anthor. The site is located at

Creating an Account
When you want to begin raiding, first you need to create an account. Go to the raid site and hit the ‘Register’ link. Create yourself an account and fill in your details. Then let an officer know (or you can post in this thread) to request full access. Any officer can grant you member status.

Adding Characters
Once you have member access, go to the ‘Membership’ menu and add characters to your account. One character will be set as your default (which you can change through the ‘master controls’ setting), but you can sign up to raids with any of the characters you have attached to your account.

Signing Up to Raids
There are several interfaces for raid signups, but the easiest is the monthly Raid Calendar. It lists all the upcoming raids for the month.

To sign up, make sure your chosen character is selected in the ‘Master Controls’ box, and then find the raid you wish to sign up for. There are four icons — a tick for ‘signup’, a question mark for ‘reserve’, a cross for ‘no-go’ and a page for ‘note’.

  • Signup: This means you intend to be in the raid.
  • Reserve: This means either you’re not sure you can make it, or you don’t intend to join the raid but are willing to come and help if needed.
  • No-Go: Choose this if you’re fairly sure that you can’t come to the raid, or you really don’t want to.
  • Notes: This is where to put notes that relate to your attendance – like ‘Might be 20 minutes late if my meeting runs late’ or what have you.

The raid site is still in development, so if you encounter any problems or have any questions, talk to Anthor about your issue.

If you have any other questions this doesn’t address, please feel free to contact Siha, our guild webmaster.